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Alfa Romeo 4C first drive review

AUTOCAR: The Alfa Romeo 4C is the iconic Italian firm’s first true driver’s car for decades. Watch as Autocar’s Steve Cropley discovers how brilliantly a small turbo four can go and sound in a lightweight package.

Without a doubt, the Alfa Romeo 4C is the most important Alfa Romeo for decades.

Alfa has spent many years being messed about by successive managements, every one with different half-cooked ideas, then quite a few more. Recently it has had its better-known values attached to B and C-segment hatchbacks – the Mito and Giulietta – because that is where the money is.

Yet no car in recent history has deliberately set out to embody Alfa values. The 8C Competizione helped, of course, but it was really only a concept made good. In truth, it is at least 30 years since Alfa Romeo has built a car for real people that directly and affordably expresses its values. This is the 4C’s mission and it is why it is so very significant – and why this is a must-watch video.

Top Gear : Can a car be art? – Alfa Romeo 8C

Can a car ever be art? Most experts say no, but they obviously haven’t seen the Alfa Romeo 8C, the best looking car ever made – according to Jeremy Clarkson (even if it is utterly impractical).

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