The Enzo Ferrari Story
The founder of Ferrari was a complex personality, as you’ll find out in this video.

Ultimate Factories – Ferrari

This video shows how Ferrari 599 GTB Fierano is built. Chassis, engine, body, paint, interior and test drives.

The LaFerrari Story-Autocar
Is the new LaFerrari purely a technical tour de force, or is it a real driver’s car? Autocar’s Steve Sutcliffe heads to Ferrari’s Fiorano test track to find out.
Autocar, the world’s leading motoring magazine and website, delivers industry-leading news, the most in-depth car reviews and opinion from our team of experts. Our presenters include some of the world’s top motoring journalists who have unrivalled access to the world’s fastest, rarest, most exotic and most exciting cars on some of the world’s best roads and race tracks.

Chris Harris of DRIVE: Sold the Porsche, Bought a Ferrari 599
The finance payments were too much, someone offered me good money for it, so I sold the Porsche. 599 values have hit the skids in the UK, Ferrari won’t let me drive its cars any more, and I miss driving them so I bought, a 599. It’s fast.

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: The Grandest Tourer
Motor Trend: On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago heads to Italy to test out the fastest and most powerful production Ferrari ever made, the 2013 F12 Berlinetta. The trip begins with spirited hot laps around the legendary Fiorano test circuit, then moves to the winding road to see how this V-12 beast behaves as a grand tourer.

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Car and Driver’s Senior Editor Tony Quiroga gets behind the wheel of Ferrari’s latest supercar, the 2013 F12 Berlinetta, on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Tested.

Ferrari 599 GTO
Chris Harris pilots Ferrari’s fastest ever supercar – the new 599 GTO – on Italian roads.
The return of the Ferrari GTO, and the fastest Prancing Horse ever around the Italian supercar firm’s Fiorano test track. But is it also one of the greatest? Chris Harris finds out when he drives it around some belting Italian roads.

Ferrari 459 Italia
Jamie Corstorphine of Autocar UK drives the new Ferrari 458 on the road and track.

Ferrari California
Andrew Frankel of Autocar UK tests the new Ferrari California. With its folding metal roof, all new V8 and a dual clutch ‘DSG’ gearbox, is it any good?

Enzo Car Review – Top Gear

Ferrari weren’t too keen on lending the Top Gear team its new Enzo. Not surprising when you consider it costs half a million pounds! Fortunately, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, just happened to have one. He also had a new book out too. Cue some shameless plugging… of the book!

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