During June of 2012 I drove by Koenigsegg facility, which is located at the decommissioned Swedish air base (F10) outside Angelholm in southern Sweden. As a kid I spent the summers on a beach just a few miles away. Below is a video created by Drive. Christian von Koenigsegg is quite character! Here is the description by the producer:

Hidden in the backwoods of Angelholm Sweden, Koenigsegg is designing and manufacturing some of the rarest and most exotic vehicles on the planet. Headed by inventor and entrepreneur Christian von Koenigsegg, the car manufacturer is also developing leading engine and fuel technologies aimed at improving fuel economy and power output in all types of vehicles. In this video, J.F. Musial tours the factory on a former Swedish Airbase while taking a ride in an Agera R on foggy runway. Published on Jun 5, 2012 by Drive.

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Born and raised in Malmo, Sweden. Graduated with a business degree from the University of Lund. Started US subsidiary of listed Swedish business, and run it for 15 years. Owned and operated a US business, Elvex Corporation, for 18 years, Sold the business and retired in February 2012. Married to wife Kerstin for 40 years. We have two grown children and two grandchildren.
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  1. I really enjoyed the video on the Koenigsegg. Beautiful and brutally fast car. A true work of automotive art.

    The owner of the company is very interesting and personable. He’s the kind of guy I would buy a supercar from.

    I would love to visit there someday.

    Sylvain Lessard
    Watertown CT USA

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