Skip Barber Racing School

On July 9, 2012 I attended Skip Barber Racing School at Lime Rock race track in Lakeville, Connecticut. This was a retirement gift from the employees of Elvex Corporation, a company that I owned for 18 years. I enjoyed the day and had an absolute blast. Much better than a gold watch!

The morning started with classes about driving dynamics and safety instructions. When properly prepared, we started driving race prepared Mazda MX5 Miatas. It started out pretty conservatively with us students following the instructors around the track. This was a little akward, since I have driven this track solo with a couple of car clubs.


During the afternoon, we were driving small formula Mazda race cars, and now there were no instructors ahead of us and there was nobody else in the car, since there is only one seat. The video below has some clips from the afternoon session.

2 Responses to Skip Barber Racing School

  1. Marc Fierman says:

    No wonder you were smiling when you said you went to do this.. Looks like you had a great time..

  2. Chris Le Mien says:

    I can’t see you wearing a gold watch anyway. Just kidding. I’m glad you really
    enjoyed it. It shows!

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