Porsche Club of America Fall Tour 2013

Porsche Club of America, Connecticut Valley Region (CVR), had its fall tour over the weekend, September 20-22. A total of 45 cars participated. The tour was organized by Tom and Karen Russell and started at the Bethel Inn and Country Club of Bethel, Maine. The drive took us on many country roads and through the White Mountain of New Hampshire. A very scenic drive and great roads.

3 Responses to Porsche Club of America Fall Tour 2013

  1. James Ball says:

    Great video, we had one of the best Tours ever with you guys, Spring Tour is right around the corner. At first I thought the video was in FF but we are just drink that fast….nice

  2. Sylvain Lessard says:

    Fabulous weekend! We laughed till we cried. The cars were fun too but the friends made the weekend.

  3. Peter Alexopoulos says:

    Great time seeing everyone again. Some fun rides too. Cheers!

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